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Shannon, Ireland

Tim Rainer, Fabian Wassermann (5BHIF) |

Unsere beiden Informatik-Schüler Tim Rainer und Fabian Wassermann aus der 5BHIF berichten über ihren Erasmus-Aufenthalt in Irland.

Ireland, a country so beautiful and people so friendly that if it weren’t for the finals, I would have stayed there. Erasmus allowed me to expand my horizon and to see a bigger picture for once. Although located in Shannon, a quite small and modern village, I was able to catch a glimpse of the Irish culture and way of living. Workwise it helped me to gain invaluable knowledge about running a business and building international companies. Marshall Tools Ltd. is a little company in Shannon and our boss was very nice as well as extremely helpful. Our task, building a web-application for athletes, proved to be extremely complicated yet achievable with teamwork and experience gained at the HTL for Software Engineering.  All in all, an experience no one should miss out on. (Tim Rainer, 5BHIF)

Although speaking only English for two weeks was something new for me, it was a great experience to visit another country and improve my communication skills. Our tasks were big for the short time, but we made a lot of progress and developed new skills at Marshall Tools Ltd. The landscape is quite beautiful although it is lacking some mountains. My favorite experience was the Irish pub-culture, especially their famous Guinness beer. Moreover, I am grateful for the support of the head of department for computer science Karl-Heinz Eder and the Erasmus team of the HTL Villach. In summary, it was a great experience and opportunity I would recommend to anyone. (Fabian Wassermann, 5BHIF)