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Knobelsdorff-Schule, Berlin

HTL-students during their internship in Berlin
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Oberstufenzentrum Bautechnik I
For students of : Architecture and Structural Engineering
Possible internship: Office and construction site internship possible
Languages required: German

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Technisches Gymnasium Sarajewo

Sarajevo town center, Photo by Nerma Kapo

For students of : Surveying and mapping (Vermessungswesen), Architecture and Structural Engineering

Languages required: BCS

Kunstgymnasium Sarajewo (Srednja skola primijenjenih umjetnosti)

Typical local coffee, Photo by Gerd Wochein

For students of: Architecture and Interior Design
Possible trainings in: painting, knotting(knüpfen), works of art made of copper (Kunstwerke in Kupfer), modelling of clay (modellieren in Ton)
Languages required: BCS

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Šolski center Celje poklicna in tehniška gradbena šola, Celje, Slovenia

Our partner school in Celje, Photo by ŠC-Celje

For students of: Architecture / Interior Architecture and civil engineering

Possible exchange activities: Exchange student for a short time of period, common projects etc.                                    

Languages required: Slovenian and/or English